Are we satisfied with the concepts and formulae that we find in current Physics? Do they explain all the phenomena?  What about gravity, to mention just only one of them?

No doubt that along the 20th. Century, Physics saw big progress and tookd gigantic steps.

But now, from the perspective of the 21st. Century, some of that progress started to show that it is not enough to explain new things that are discovered –in Astronomy and in the sub-atomic world--  that defy old concepts.

There is a sensation that we are going through a very special moment in history in which we can expect new and very revolutionary concepts to come. Ideas that will create a new Physics.

With this in mind, we want to share with you some material for your reflection, that we hope you will find not only interesting but also inspiring.

Enjoy your reading!

Conscious Acts of Creation: The Emergence of a New Physics

Un nuevo Paradigma para la Ciencia del Tercer Milenio (specially recommended)

Quantum chaos - a new paradigm of nonlinear dynamics

Has new physics been found at the ageing Tevatron?

A New Physics for a New Millenium - In search of a "Theory of Everything"

Into a New World of Physics and Symmetry

Alternative Science: New Physics (list of articules)

New Physics  (specially recommended)

Metamaterials: A New Paradigm of Physics and Engineering

Electromagnetic Metamaterials

Metamaterials Hold Promise For Invisibility Cloaks

Here’s how to make an invisibility cloak
Theoretical cloaking device could soon become reality (sort of)

Invisibility Cloak One Step Closer: New Metamaterials Bend Light Backwards

Un metamaterial podría mejorar tecnologías ópticas y de comunicaciones


mtorres said...

"FÍSICA: ¿SE NECESITA UN NUEVO PARADIGMA?".Sin duda que se necesita otro paradígma en física pero el tema es muy académico y no creo que afecte a la investigación de campo que debería seguir guiandose por las teorías oficiales.
Ese es el método, los físicos teoricos contrastan el trabajo de los fsicos experimentales y viceversa.